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Male Doctor Therapist Treating Lower Back Pain Of Female Patient In Clinic

Easing the Fears of Spinal Surgery

If you’ve ever experienced lingering back pain, you understand how debilitating it can be to your routine. Some people scoff at the idea of seeing a spinal surgeon because they don’t believe that it stands to benefit them, or they may believe misconceptions about back surgery chiropractors that they have heard from someone else. However, …

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Doctor neurosurgeon holds a scalpel in the background of the patients back

Do I Have a Spinal Tumor?

Back pain can lead to significant changes in your daily routine, making it crucial to get help from a qualified professional. In most cases, injuries cause back pain, leading to many treatment methods depending on the injury’s location and nature. In other cases, back pain isn’t caused by external factors like an injury but can …

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Close up of a brunette woman massaging her neck in a bedroom

Myths Surrounding Neck Surgery

Misconceptions surrounding neck surgery can make people fearful and prevent them from receiving the treatment they need for pain relief. These prevalent myths can make even the most hardened person quiver at the thought of undergoing an operation on their neck and can cause many people to suffer in silence for years.  The first step …

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Businesswoman suffering from pain of lower back

Caring For Your Spine As You Age

Our bodies greet us with many aches and pains as we age. Our knees, shoulders, and hips remind us of father time’s presence. A common complaint among patients is an increase in back pain. More back pain can leave you searching for answers. It’s challenging to prevent age-related back pain, but you can take several …

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