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Are You at Risk for Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a condition that is often related with the normal aging process. It is also one that is primarily perceived as a women’s health issue. You may not be aware of the detrimental effect that osteoporosis can have on spinal health and the risk of spinal conditions. Here, we discuss what osteoporosis is, who  …Read More

Spine Surgery Manhattan, NY

Spondylosis: What in the World Is It?

What is Spinal Spondylosis? The term “spondylosis” by itself may sound like something you might find in the ocean or a botanical garden. When we add the word spine to it, “spinal spondylosis,” the brain may go to all sorts of places it shouldn’t. We understand that many of the terms used to describe spinal  …Read More

Spine Surgery NYC

What Causes Bone Spurs in the Neck?

The term bone spur describes excess bony structure on existing bone. Therefore, a bone spur in the spinal column involves the growth of extra bone tissue on some part of the spine. The very use of the words “bone” and “spur” together present quite an image. You may imagine a spike of bone protruding either  …Read More

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