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Lumbar Spine Surgery NYC, NY

When Arthritis Causes Back Pain

Back pain is something that we normally associate with aging. So is osteoarthritis, the breakdown of healthy, functional joints in the body. Usually, these two complaints are kept in separate containers; we rarely consider that they may coincide – that back pain could actually be the result of osteoarthritis in the spinal column. This can  …Read More

Herniated Disc: Does it mean Surgery?

Herniated Disc: Does it mean Surgery?

A herniated disc may be described as such, or by other terms, such as “bulging disc” or “pinched nerve.” Whatever term is used to depict an irritated, inflamed, or damaged disc, what you know is that you’re in pain, and you want it to stop. Herniated Disc Symptoms When a disc becomes inflamed and herniated,  …Read More

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