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Businesswoman suffering from pain of lower back

Caring For Your Spine As You Age

Our bodies greet us with many aches and pains as we age. Our knees, shoulders, and hips remind us of father time’s presence. A common complaint among patients is an increase in back pain. More back pain can leave you searching for answers. It’s challenging to prevent age-related back pain, but you can take several

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Back view of young fitness woman running on the road in the morning.

My Back Hurts When I Go For a Run

Running is a fantastic way to stay in shape and can be a terrific form of self-care. Few activities can match the excitement of crushing your records and achieving new milestones. However, there are circumstances when running too often can affect your back. Also, certain spinal conditions can affect your ability to run consistently. If

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The patient stands and holds on to the spine on a blurred background.

What to Expect With Back Surgery

Many Americans report back issues at some point in their lifetime. Some even say that they chronically struggle with back pain.  Your quality of life suffers when you deal with constant back pain, as it makes everyday tasks torturous.  When all other options have failed, surgical methods have proven to provide some relief to long-suffering

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Your Back Pain Journey Explained

When we’re in pain, we want relief. Isn’t it interesting, then, that chronic back pain is such a prevalent condition? Over time, we can get used to low-grade pain, allowing it to worsen gradually and without our awareness. One of the reasons patients often procrastinate in getting help for chronic back or neck pain is

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