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Category Archives: Spinal Stenosis

Spinal Stenosis: What Is it and What Do We Do About It?

Spinal stenosis can be a painful condition to live with. It involves the narrowing of the spaces within the spine. Because nerve roots travel through the spinal column, any narrowing can result in compression of one or more nerves. Nerve compression is associated with symptoms like numbness, radiating pain, tingling, weakness, and adjustments to one’s  …Read More

Spinal Stenosis Treatment NYC

Spinal Tendonitis: It’s a Real Thing

Most people recognize the term “tendon,” but may not know much more than that there are tendons in the body. A tendon is a band of connective tissue that attaches bones to muscles. To fulfill this purpose, it is necessary for tendons to be tough and fibrous. Tendons provide stability to the body’s frame and  …Read More

Steps in Treating Spinal Stenosis

Aging changes the body in some ways. Around the spine, the muscles and ligaments that support proper body mechanics may weaken, and the bones that make up the spine (vertebrae) may degrade. These changes do not happen without consequence. As degradation continues around the spine, it is possible for narrowing, or stenosis, to occur. Lumbar  …Read More

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