Spinal Pain

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Do I Have a Spinal Tumor?

Back pain can lead to significant changes in your daily routine, making it crucial to get help from a qualified professional. In most cases, injuries cause back pain, leading to many treatment methods depending on the injury’s location and nature. In other cases, back pain isn’t caused by external factors like an injury but can …

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Caring For Your Spine As You Age

Our bodies greet us with many aches and pains as we age. Our knees, shoulders, and hips remind us of father time’s presence. A common complaint among patients is an increase in back pain. More back pain can leave you searching for answers. It’s challenging to prevent age-related back pain, but you can take several …

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When Back Pain is Arthritis

Back pain is one of the most common complaints expressed by adults of all ages. It may result from an injury or may occur without much evidence as to why. This is what can make back pain difficult to understand. However, some symptoms can provide clues regarding a potential underlying cause. Here, we outline some …

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Could Spinal Nerves get Trapped?

The entire body is served by a complex network of nerves, all of which branch off from a singular location, the back. The sheer expansiveness of the nervous system makes it easy to see that problems like impingement or entrapment could occur. Because the spinal column is also highly sophisticated in structure, the opportunity for …

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