Easing the Fears of Spinal Surgery

Male Doctor Therapist Treating Lower Back Pain Of Female Patient In ClinicIf you’ve ever experienced lingering back pain, you understand how debilitating it can be to your routine. Some people scoff at the idea of seeing a spinal surgeon because they don’t believe that it stands to benefit them, or they may believe misconceptions about back surgery chiropractors that they have heard from someone else. However, many people have a significant physical need to have spinal surgery but are afraid to go through with the procedure. Dr. Todd Albert has many years of experience in successfully performing high-quality spinal procedures to help patients get relief. Our team understands that having back surgery can be intimidating, but we are here to help.

Here are some of the most common fears concerning spinal surgery and how our office can help.

Further Injury

One of the more prevalent fears of having a spinal procedure is being injured worse. Some people take this concern a step further and wonder if having an operation on their spine will permanently immobilize them. It’s worth noting that all procedures have some risks associated with them. However, under the care of a trained professional, these risks are rare, and the chances of sustaining a crippling injury during the procedure are relatively low.

Lengthy Recovery Times

Another concern many people have about receiving a spinal procedure is worrying about long recovery times. While it is true that some people take longer to heal from procedures than others, recovery times vary for several reasons. First, your recovery time can be influenced by the nature of your condition before your surgery. Severe issues typically require more extensive care and longer recovery times. However, with recent advances in medical technology, surgeons can utilize innovative and minimally invasive procedures to correct issues, which can help provide pain relief and shorten recovery times.

Lack of Support

Another concern that sometimes prevents patients from seeking necessary care is they believe that they won’t receive the support they need throughout the process. Dr. Albert takes the time to explain the details of your procedure and highlights exactly how you can prepare and what you can expect from your recovery. The goal is to provide comfort before the procedure because the more relaxed you are, the more it helps the process and gets you on the road to recovery. If you’re experiencing back pain, the first step is to find out what’s causing it, which we can help you discover. Please schedule a consultation with our NYC office by calling us today at 917-277-4009.

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