Beating Back Pain During the Holidays

happy couple putting christmas bals on a christmas treeThe holiday season represents a time of year filled with excitement. If you aren’t careful, the holiday season can also expose you to hazards that pose a threat to your spine

Here are a few ways to protect yourself and your back as you prepare to welcome the holidays.

Get Help Lifting Objects

Some people enjoy bragging about the heroic efforts they produce, causing them to put themselves in harm’s way. Unfortunately, attempting to do too much on your own is risky business. For instance, if you have heavy decorations that you need to put up, make sure you enlist the help of someone nearby. Lifting heavy objects is a simple way to suffer a significant back injury, such as herniating a disc in your spine. You can lower your risk of injury by getting help lifting heavy or unusually shaped objects. While you may face the temptation to try and do it on your own, use wisdom and enlist the help of someone else to avoid serious injuries.

Take Breaks As Needed

Many people have plans to do lots of traveling during the holiday season. Long trips can be problematic for your back if you plan to travel by car because sitting for too long can compress your spine and make you uncomfortable. As you make your road trip, make sure to stop periodically for standing breaks to give your back a much-needed rest. Although it may make your trip take a little longer, taking the time to care for your back can make a significant difference in your comfort levels.

Manage Your Stress Levels

 The holiday season is notorious for being stressful. It’s a little-known fact that stress can contribute to pain in your body. You can limit your stress levels and minimize residual pain by

  • Getting help with shopping
  • Avoiding last-minute plans
  • Getting exercise
  • Taking time to step away when feeling overwhelmed

Also, you can address back pain this holiday season by seeking professional assistance. As debilitating as back pain can be, it doesn’t have to put a hold on your holiday plans. Don’t hesitate to call Dr. Todd Albert’s NYC office to learn more about how you can treat your back pain. Schedule your consultation by calling us today at 917-277-4009

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