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When a Child’s Spine is Curved | Todd J. Albert, MD | NYC

When a Child’s Spine is Curved

Every person’s spine is curved. The problem that some people experience is that the curvature of their spine is not appropriate; it doesn’t fall into the line that it should. An abnormal curvature of the spine is referred to as scoliosis. This condition is often first diagnosed when a child is between 10 and 12  …Read More

Do you Really Need Spine Surgery? | Todd J. Albert, MD

Do you Really Need Spine Surgery?

The spine is an intricate structure that houses numerous nerves; very important nerves that help you move and facilitate organ functions. With an abundance of tendons, muscles, joints, discs, and bones (24 vertebrae to be exact), this part of the body is naturally susceptible to mishaps. If something goes wrong in any part of the  …Read More

Herniated Disc: Does it mean Surgery?

Herniated Disc: Does it mean Surgery?

A herniated disc may be described as such, or by other terms, such as “bulging disc” or “pinched nerve.” Whatever term is used to depict an irritated, inflamed, or damaged disc, what you know is that you’re in pain, and you want it to stop. Herniated Disc Symptoms When a disc becomes inflamed and herniated,  …Read More

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