Why You Want to Prepare for Spine Surgery Now, and How to Do It

Why You Want to Prepare for Spine Surgery Now, and How to Do It Manhattan, NYIf there is a back surgery such as a laminectomy or spinal fusion on your horizon, you may be overwhelmed. It’s natural to have pre-surgery jitters even if you don’t currently have a procedure on the books; you just know that back surgery is inevitable. You may have felt that you had little control over your back pain and the process of repairing that pain. We want to point out the value of preparation to help you gain what authority you do have over your surgical experience and outcome from back surgery.

The Value of Active Preparation

It is commonly known that back surgery patients will go through rehab to restore strength and mobility. We propose that patients also engage in “prehab,” or the active preparation for surgery. Attending to the physical, mental, and environmental aspects of recovery before surgery can help. This means reduced surgical risks, a faster recovery time, and an optimal surgical outcome.

Preparing for Spine Surgery

There are a few key strategies and benefits that come from pre-habbing before surgery, including:

  1. Pain management. Studies show that pain management isn’t all about medication. Yes, you will be prescribed appropriate drugs to keep you comfortable. However, experts also suggest that back surgery patients learn physical exercises, guided meditations, and breathing techniques that foster a headspace of healing.
  2. Weight loss. We encourage patients who need back surgery to lose weight to be near their target BMI. Excess weight increases surgical risks and places more stress on the surgical area that needs to regain muscle strength after treatment. Weight loss before surgery reduces the risk of infection, blood clots, and poor wound healing. It is also cosmetically gratifying to see a slimmer You in the mirror.
  3. Stress management. Many of the same mental techniques that promote comfort also work against the natural stress and anxiety that coincide with surgery. We can’t overstate the value of a positive mindset before surgery.

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Finding resources to aid in your personal “pre-hab” program can be made easy. Our friendly staff is also happy to assist you as needed. To reach the office of Dr. Albert at our New York City spinal surgery center, contact us at (212) 606-1004.

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