When Back Pain is a Daily Frustration

Back pain is one of the most frequently-expressed complaints among adults of all ages. It is estimated that more than 90 percent of adults experience acute or chronic spinal pain during their lifetime. However common chronic back pain may be, that does not make daily back pain normal. When your back or neck hurts frequently, it is an indication that need some type of intervention. Here, we discuss a few ways that may look.

See a Doctor

Of all the steps you can take to manage chronic spinal pain, and we promise to suggest some here, seeing a doctor must be at the top of the list. We understand how inconvenient it can feel to take time out of your day to see a doctor about something as seemingly minor as daily back pain (yes, people get so used to their pain that they don’t realize how bad it is). However, the only way to make progress in restoring comfort and optimal mobility is to know what is going on in the spine. Dr. Albert is thorough in his consultations conducted here in the office or online and can order additional tests as needed to confirm an accurate diagnosis. Once you have that, you can have a clearer picture of how to progress with remedies or necessary treatments.

Evaluate your Habits

Personal trainers and personal growth gurus alike tell us that our daily habits make our lives. When faced with chronic spinal pain, it is beneficial to look at the daily choices you are making. Are you moving regularly? If so, how? Sometimes the exercises that people do are working against their spinal condition. Are you eating well limiting foods that can cause or worsen inflammation? Are you using good posture when you sit at your computer? The things that you do daily influence everything from your spinal alignment to the strength of the muscles around your spine, which then contribute to your physical comfort. After a consultation and imaging, if necessary, Dr. Albert may suggest a few lifestyle changes to help you manage your condition until a treatment protocol can be developed.

Don’t Hesitate

Understand that chronic back or neck pain is not normal. You are in pain because there is a problem that needs correcting. Understand also that the treatment your doctor prescribes may be easier than you think. Finally, understand that back problems are much easier to correct conservatively when they are diagnosed and treated early. Furthermore, the sooner you treat the problem, the sooner you can be more comfortable!

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