Do You Know the Benefits of Modern Back Surgery Techniques?

Historically, back surgery has been known as a long and risky procedure that involved long incisions. Most spinal procedures were performed as what we call “open surgery.” This was necessary to create access to the layers of muscle and tissue that surround the spine. To undergo a back procedure, patients needed general anesthesia and, often, a few days in the hospital for initial recovery. The way that surgery is conducted today is much different. Here, we discuss the benefits of modern, minimally-invasive spine surgery.

Reduced Scarring

Minimally-invasive spinal surgeries can often be performed with much smaller incisions than the old norm. A small incision can provide access to tiny instruments and an endoscope that guides a less-traumatic path to relevant spinal structures. In some instances, incisions are as small as the size of a dime. This not only reduces infection risk but is a much subtler scar than longer spinal incisions.

Shorter, More Comfortable Recovery

Because minimally-invasive surgical techniques do not cut through muscle in the same way older techniques did, there is less tissue trauma. This improves post-operative comfort and also shortens the time it takes to recover well from a spinal procedure. Sometimes, patients can undergo spinal procedures on an outpatient basis and be home the same day. In more complex cases, hospital stays are still shortened compared to open surgeries of old. Several factors may contribute to recovery time. Patients may return to work and light activities within a few weeks in many cases. However, it can take several months to be ready to resume sports and more strenuous activities.

Take Control of Spinal Pain

If you have a spinal condition that is not getting better with conservative therapy, it is advantageous to consult with an experienced spinal surgeon for the next step. Dr. Albert has helped many patients live more comfortably by conducting precise, minimally-invasive spinal procedures. We are proud to serve patients from New York City and surrounding areas from our friendly, professional office. To schedule a visit with us and explore solutions for ongoing back pain, call 212-606-1004.

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