Myths Surrounding Neck Surgery

Close up of a brunette woman massaging her neck in a bedroom Misconceptions surrounding neck surgery can make people fearful and prevent them from receiving the treatment they need for pain relief. These prevalent myths can make even the most hardened person quiver at the thought of undergoing an operation on their neck and can cause many people to suffer in silence for years.

 The first step in getting pain relief is getting the truth about neck surgery and de-bunking myths. Here is some insight into these myths and how they may stand in the way of your quality of life.

Myth #1: Neck Surgery Will Leave Me In Worse Shape Than Before

Many people fear neck surgery because they are convinced a procedure will somehow worsen their situation. Some have heard horror stories about neck procedures and believe a neck procedure exposes them to intensified pain. While all surgical procedures come with risks, neck surgery aims to address the source of your pain. Many patients get relief once surgeons correct the issue, allowing them to go about their lives.

Myth #2: I Will Need Months To Recover

Technological advances have allowed surgeons to help patients more efficiently. There are many procedures surgeons can perform on an outpatient basis so you can spend your time at home recovering. Some neck surgeries use small incisions, which make for a minimally invasive experience. 

Smaller incisions can also help shorten recovery times, helping you get back to living your life to the fullest.

Myth #3: Neck Surgery Doesn’t Work

Some people hesitate to get neck surgery because they doubt its effectiveness. Factors such as unrealistic expectations can cause people to come to this conclusion. There can be some complications that may interfere with the healing process. But, many studies suggest that patients report a success rate of 90% following their procedure. Your results depend on your injury, your procedure, and how you progress through recovery.

Myth #4: Neck Surgery Leads to Paralysis

A common fear among those who may need neck surgery is that they will never walk again. Minimally invasive options reduce this risk because of smaller incisions, allowing surgeons to address the problem at its roots. Again, all procedures come with risks, but choosing the right surgeon can play a pivotal role in how you recover.

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