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Spine Health New York, NYA healthy spine is a valuable commodity. Unfortunately, many of us do not realize this until we have encountered a painful problem in our neck or back. The 24-bone spinal column is responsible for some movements and functions, so it is imperative that we learn how to support this part of the body so it can properly support us as we age. Here, we offer a few tips on caring for your spine. The earlier that healthy habits can be established, the lower the risk for degenerative conditions and injury.

  • The benefits of exercise are innumerable, and they are also only really evident when we work out consistently. This doesn’t mean a 5-mile run or hours in the gym, necessarily. What experts seem to agree on is the value of daily movement of any kind. If all you’ve got is 30 minutes to walk or run or dance, use it wisely. This daily activity aids in the distribution of fluids and nourishment into the discs and soft tissues that span the spine.
  • Get the good shoes. There is a saying about life being short, so eat the cake; buy the shoes. Yes! Buy the good shoes; the ones that will provide outstanding shock-absorption while you walk. Research suggests that spinal alignment, as well as knee- and hip-joint health, is directly affected by the gate, the manner in which we walk. If the foot rolls to the outside or the inside, alignment all the way up the spine is thrown off, which may result in faster wear and tear of spinal discs.
  • Prioritize sleep behaviors. A good night’s sleep if vital to health and wellness, even as it pertains to the spine. A supportive pillow is necessary to support the natural curve of the neck. Because a side-sleeping position is best for back health, a bit of a thicker pillow may be ideal. It can take some trial and error to find the perfect pillow, but the effort pays off in the long run.

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