Does Your Back Pain Keep Coming Back? This May be Why.

When a health condition develops and requires treatment, it is natural to want resolution quickly and permanently. This doesn’t always happen, as much as we’d like it to. Often, people think they have dealt with a painful problem like back pain only to experience a flare-up in the future (sometimes frequent flare-ups). If you’ve found yourself in this predicament, you may have wondered why it is that back pain keeps coming back despite the management of your initial injury. Here, we suggest a few reasons.

Back pain may return soon after treatment has been obtained or home remedies have been implemented. Conversely, some people don’t experience a recurrence for months or years. The reasons this may happen include:

  • Treatment revolves around symptoms. The way that many people deal with back or neck pain is to take an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication. They may rest, apply ice, sit in a sauna, or perform other remedies to reduce or eliminate pain. The clear problem with treating symptoms is that this approach doesn’t get to the origin of pain.
  • The right issue has not been found. Back pain can result from several spinal conditions. To put an end to pain, we must find its accurate source.
  • “Back pain is normal.” There is a school of thought that back and neck pain are just normal parts of life; that we may all suffer stiff, achy joints as we age. This approach to back pain can lead to the severe worsening of structural damage and the need for more invasive care in the future.
  • Ongoing effort. Sometimes, it is necessary to make lifestyle changes and to commit to physical therapy to achieve lasting pain relief. Unfortunately, many people fall short of engaging fully in their prescribed program. They may go to appointments but not do exercises at home as recommended. They may skip appointments or schedule too far apart to make a difference in structural integrity. With physical therapy, results come from consistent effort.
  • Postponing or avoiding specialized care. Chronic back or neck pain may indicate a spinal problem. Often, the perception that a spinal surgeon will recommend surgery keeps people from scheduling the thorough consultation and examination they need to understand the source of their pain.

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