Back Pain? Don’t make it Worse by Doing This!

Back Pain NYCJust because the numbers say that approximately 80% of us will suffer back pain at some point and that about 31 million Americans are in pain this very moment, does not mean we have to accept back pain as the norm. Many of those who are living with acute or chronic back pain aren’t quite sure what is behind their discomfort. From this standpoint, they may not get the care they need simply because they do not know where to start.

If you are in pain, get help. Visit your family physician or contact our NYC orthopedic office. We can help you discover a path toward optimal wellness. In the meantime, take note of some of the ways that back pain may be inadvertently worsened, and take measures to protect your spine.

Excessive Physical Strain

The inclusion of the word “excessive” in this phrase can make it easy to overlook where you may be making your back work a little too hard. When you think of excessive strain, you may envision a construction worker operating a jack-hammer, or a pro football player taking a hit. Those are extreme examples. The truth is, excessive strain can look different for all of us. Lifting is one of the primary culprits of back pain. Regardless of the weight of the object, improper body mechanics could lead to injury.

Poor Overall Fitness

We think of exercise as its value in toning the legs, arms, and other body parts. Did you know that low back pain often results from poor muscle tone in the abdominal area? Regular exercise is said to have a massive effect on a person’s risk for back injury and chronic or acute pain. To complement the benefits of exercise, rest is also necessary.


Spinal health relies on adequate oxygenation and nourishment to the discs that buffer the impact of gravity. When nutrients cannot be delivered, the spine suffers. Studies show that smokers may experience more back pain than non-smokers and that their back pain may be worsened by the coughing that often accompanies this habit.

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