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Patient Stories

Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion | Todd J. Albert, MD | NYC

Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion

Testimonial My life was making a right-hand turn to facing a high probability of living life in a wheelchair. My spine was failing and the clock was ticking. After 17 years of neck pain and limited range of motion I was referred to Dr. Todd J. Albert and my diagnosis was finally made: severe cervical  ...Read More

Lumbar Laminectomy

Testimonial Dr. Albert is without a doubt, the most gifted, competent and skilled spinal surgeon a patient could ask for. He is truly warm, compassionate, responsive to the needs of his patients and very caring. Dr. Albert performed a Lumbar Laminectomy a few months ago, and I am happy that I selected him to perform  ...Read More

Spine Fusion | Todd J. Albert, MD | NYC

Spine Fusion

Testimonial Yesterday, I hit golf balls for the first time in six months – months sooner than I had ever hoped. On May 13, I underwent spinal decompression and fusion surgery, from L4 to S1. I had been in pain for more than 10 years and had tried everything – core exercises, steroid injections, chiropractic  ...Read More

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